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Riff Tricks - The Instrumentals Vol. 1 Digipak CD Album (Ltd Edition)

CD $19.99

Release Date: 15/09/2017

Discs: 1

The EP comes in a CD digipak. Strictly limited edition to only 1000.

Every mix brings a choice. Which solo to use? Which keyboard part of the many recorded? What´s the leading instrument for each song and its parts? Effects or not?

While the "main" Gizmodrome album was being mixed in Milan, all recorded music was sent to Hamburg, Germany, at Chameleon Studio. Local producer and engineer Eike Freese mixed the alternative instrumental versions on this EP without having listened to what had been used on the studio album nor what was the sound and the mood of the "main mixes".  

The result is outstanding, the songs are shown from a totally different perspective from their album versions. Instruments originally suppose to sustain the songs have become the lead and without the presence of a vocal part, the joyous virtuosity can shine in all its glory.

For all progressive rock fans, these alternative versions will be an essential companion to the "official" album.

In addition this limited edition carries an exclusive pre-version of "Zubatta Cheve" as well as "Zombies In The Mall" sung by Raiz.

1. Zombies On Call (Zombies In the Mall)

This track was inspired by a Spyro the Dragon tune called Louis, so named because it reminded me of Louis Belson - to whom it bears no resemblance. Vittorio and Raiz got hold of the riff and turned it into a song that we used to do back in the day on the piazzas with Gizmo.

2. Druther Be A Cowboy (Stay Ready)

In 1984 George Lucas commissioned a main title theme for a Star Wars TV spin-off called Droids. That got me into the mood to write this song.

3. Sweet Domination (Sweet Angels)

Taylor Hawkins called one day to ask for a little drum solo/groove that he could use for a collage of drums solos from his gang of drum chums. I missed the part about needing just four bars and went ahead and made this two-minute thing. Turning the groove into a song was a puzzle cleverly solved at the Gizmodrome.

4. Just Bring Whiskey (Ride Your Life)

Mark had this riff that we could sit on forever while imagining a Black Mass, Sabbath, or other Metal Métier. Every now and then you just want to drag the knuckles and go all Neanderthal.

5. The Cans of Doom (I Know Too Much)

This another Vittorio riff that we played on the piazza back in our Gizmo past.

6. She Can’t Hear You (Strange Things Happen)

A song from the early eighties built on the Fairlite music computer. It was the first computer of any kind to enter the studio. Doesn’t sound like a computer any more does it?

7. Guika Longiano (Zubatta Cheve)

We got this groove from somewhere in the second encore at a piazza show. The crowd was festive and happy to hoot and holler with this slow dance. Since there was no real singing going on we could cut up the groove and build a song upon it.

8. Louis Hansa (Zombies In the Mall)

Vocals by Raiz

This is the song that we used to do live, based on the Louis riff.

-- STEWART COPELAND, August 2017

1. Zombies On Call (Zombies In the Mall)
2. Druther Be A Cowboy (Stay Ready)
3. Sweet Domination (Sweet Angels)
4. Just Bring Whiskey (Ride Your Life)
5. The Cans of Doom (I Know Too Much)
6. She Can't Hear You (Strange Things Happen)
7. Guika Longiano (Zubatta Cheve)
8. Louis Hansa feat. Raiz (Zombies In The Mall)